How much the tour costs?

How much the tour costs?

This is maybe most important question which bother a lot of bands, especially bands which are new in touring.

There are many different combinations which can make tour more expensive or less expensive.
The fact is that you have to have complete package when you go on tour, which means music instruments, back line equipment and transportation. If you have those, your tour will be pretty cheap and it will be much easier to finish tour in positive zero or even some profit.

If you don’t have back line equipment or transportation, you need to rent it, and your expenses rise from that point. This is something that overseas bands can’t avoid, because renting back line and transportation is still cheaper than transporting your own stuff from, for example, South America to Europe. That can make your tour up to three times more expensive than the situation when you have your own equipment.

If you are in the situation that you need to rent back line or van, we can provide it for you with very attractive prices.

There are more expenses and possible expenses on the tour such as gasoline and road tolls, food and accommodation if it’s not part of deal with the club. For some countries you’ll maybe need visa or work permit.

Of course, there are many differences from country to country, from club to club and any of them can change the level of expenses for every particular tour.