Can we cut our expenses?

Yes it is possible and the question is, how to cut expenses to the minimum?

First of all, we will try to help you with that. We always try to get the best deal as we can for you. Truly, with some bands that is not too hard, and with some it is mission impossible 🙂

So, we’ll help you by getting place to sleep within a deal if possible, and by getting you a meal in the club you playing in. If we can’t do that, we’ll find for you a hostel, which has decent quality and it is not too expensive.

But, what can you do for yourself?

Our advice is – go on tour with another band. It that way you can split your expenses in half!

This is great option, especially if you are bands up to four members, ‘cos in that case all of you can fit in one van.

So, two bands in one van, possession of your own back line and maybe even van, makes your tour twice cheaper.