How the things work?

Our conditions are pretty much simple.

We can book tour for you all around Europe although at this point we are working mostly at eastern Europe. Why? Because they still give good conditions for bands.

So basically, we can organize tour in period long as you want in some of these countries: Poland, Czech, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Romania & Bulgaria. There is no problem to do western Europe countries, but conditions will be not that good, ‘cos it is much expensive for band.

There are two kinds of deal we can offer to local promoters or clubs.

1. Door deal. This is most common deal for less known bands. What the door deal means? That means the band gets money from ticket sales and merchandise sales.
Food and place to sleep is part of the deal in some clubs (elsewhere Stage2stage or club will organize accommodation in hostels which costs in range 5-10eur per person depends of town or country).

2. Band can ask for fixed price. In this kind of deal you are getting your fee and all your expenses are covered with that fee. Important! This deal works easy only with well known bands. We are taking here about bands with few worldwide released and distributed albums and more than 50000 likes on Facebook! For less known bands it’s hard to get deal like that even if we talk about small fees such as 100-200 EUR.

Our booking fee is 50-160 eur/concert depends of the package we agree, which is used to pay people on the field, adds, tour manager etc.

So basically you have income from ticket and merchandise sales and expenses for booking fee, travel (gasoline, van, road tolls, food), somewhere for sleeping if needed and backline rent if you don’t have your own.

We can provide complete backline, van with the driver, tour manager and even sound engineer with very attractive prices.